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Business Exit Planning

Whether you intend to sell your business or hand it on, the success of the transition and the value of the sale will depend on the quality of your exit strategy.

Yet developing a successful exit strategy begins long before the actual sale.

The business exit strategy process

It is normally a two to five-year process, depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • The health of your business and your brand
  • Its appeal to a buyer who is willing to spend the money
  • Your realistic perception of what the business is worth
  • A strong team of advisors who can drive a successful sale
  • Your readiness as a business leader to step aside and move on to new projects
  • The needs of your shareholders

The danger of leaving your exit to chance

However, the process can take a lot longer for owners who do not have an effective ownership exit or transition plan in place. Without a plan, your business could end up in a very different place than you intended.

You might be faced with an unforeseen circumstance, like the loss of the key family member or investor, forcing you to make a difficult decision to move away from your business. Without an exit plan and a business that is well positioned for a sale, your business is likely to be undervalued and you will not gain the maximum return for your years of hard work.

Many small businesses in the UK are owned and managed by the “baby-boomer” generation, who are now approaching retirement age. It is a sad truth that many of these small businesses will be simply closed down because they have not been adequately prepared to be handed on or sold.

How we can help you

At Gordian Solutions, we work with you to review your business, determine what you want from exiting the business, and identify the barriers preventing your business achieving a maximum sale value. We also evaluate your post-exit goals and identify how you can best transition into the next phase of your life.

In particular, we look at the key drivers of business value that are most prized by potential purchasers and identify the actions that need to be taken to place you on the best footing to obtain the best purchase price for your business.

The outcome is a comprehensive exit plan detailing the strategy and key activities you and your business need to undertake to deliver a successful business exit.

To find out more more about how we can help build your business exit plan, call us on 01444 248875 or email us.

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