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About Us

Paul Dallibar

Paul Dallibar MD

We recognise that your business is not immune from the demographic changes in the UK. In 2011 the first of the “baby boomers” born in 1946 started retiring. 

This will have a significant impact on your business. As customers, staff, suppliers and competitors age, it will effect your business and the key decisions you need to make about how you want to finish your entreprenuerial journey and preserve your legacy.

How Gordian Solutions can help you

With only 40% of SME owners aged 60 or over currently dealing with their retirement and just 36% with a clear succession plan in place (Economic Intelligence Unit 2013) most are leaving it to chance that their business will be attractive enough to buyers or robust enough to withstand an unexpected event that removes them from running the business.

Working with Gordian Solutions can offer you a much better chance of a successful business exit or handover to a chosen successor. Our research, collective knowledge, skills and access to external support will help identify the best possible strategies to meet your requirements and build the right plan to achieve them.

A solution to fit your requirements

If you plan to sell, we’ll concentrate on the key business criteria potential buyers are looking for and help increase the attractiveness of your business, giving you the best possible opportunity to maximise your returns.

If your legacy is to be continued through a chosen successor, working with us will ensure the candidate has been properly assessed, potential risks are identified and a comprehensive handover plan is put in place to ensure the smoothest possible handover. 

Our in-house skills and experiences have been gained across a broad range of industries and companies large and small, including both commercial and not-for-profit businesses. These skills are backed up by a trusted network of specialist associates we can call on as and when required.

Vision & Mission

The company vision is to be THE trusted adviser for business owners looking to exit their business.

Our mission is to provide a highly professional and confidential service helping owners to plan their business exit strategy, set up a roadmap for the business and successfully manage the project through to completion.

To find out more about us or to arrange a completely free, no obligation meeting to find out how we could support your business, call us on 01444 248875 or email us.

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