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Paul Dallibar

What's in a name?

Gordian Solutions was a name my mind long before the business became a reality. Not just as a business name, but more as a statement of intent. A statement that we now realise is unfortunately lost to most of those either without a classical education, an interest in ancient Greek history or were lucky to have been gifted the Ladybird book on Alexander the Great, as a birthday present. However, whilst the name may not (yet) bring instant brand recognition, the statement of intent still drives the standards of service and delivery we offer to clients.

The Origin

The story goes that back in ancient times, a goldsmith by the name of Gordius founded a city in Phrygia (now central Turkey) called Gordium and made himself King (as you do). He then installed, in the Temple of Zeus, a chariot, whose shafts were bound to a post in a fiendishly complex knot made from the bark of the cornel-tree. Over time a legend grew that whoever could solve the problem of the knot who become the ruler of the whole world. Back in those days the whole world being Asia.

Alexander the Great

In 333BC Alexander the Great invaded Asia Minor to take on the mighty Persian Empire. Having defeated the Persians at the River Granicus, in March 333BC Alexander captured Gordium and being unable to resist the problem, or the legend, he attempted to unite the knot. Unfortunately the fastenings were so elaborately intertwined, with the ends cunningly hidden inside the knot. Being unable to see how to start unravelling the knot, Alexander drew his sword and cut through the ropes.

The appeal of this story to me was the decisive action shown by Alexander in solving an intractable problem through the use of using a bold and innovative stroke to solve the problem of the “Gordian Knot”.

We cannot promise our clients that they will end up ruling the known world, or acquire honours and treasures. What we do promise is a clear insight into their business needs and requirements and in matching them to fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Paul Dallibar MD Gordian Solutions